Saint Judes Hospital in Todos Santos
I’m writing this letter in reference to the quality care and professionalism that I found at every level at Saint Judes in Todos Santos when I had to come in for an emergency health issue.  The staff and Doctors. acted immediately to stabilize and find the reasons for my illness.  I spent two nights in hospital beginning on a New Years Eve. 
Even with the holidays, Hospital Administrator, Hector Gonzales, was able to find an ultra-sound specialist to come in that day and was on the phone with a Nephrologist to be specific in their care for kidney issues, which they diagnosed correctly and quickly.  Blood work and other analysis were performed over the next two weeks.  Doctors were always informed, caring and no-nonsense during follow up visits.  Hector was wonderful to answer my questions and research Drs for me.
The advise and prescriptions I received were just right.  Months later I had another flare up and went to Drs. at University Hospital in Denver.  They did the exact same things that Drs here in TS had done., and they finally settled on the same drug that St.Judes had prescribed to begin with.   I found that the care I had received at Saint Judes was every bit as sophisticated as what I received in the states. 
I am well now and we have gotten to the bottom of what was causing the flare ups and I am over with that.  I will continue to use Saint Lukes for blood work and follow up care.  I am glad that we have this facility in TS and I encourage others to trust their professionalism.

 Thank you Saint Judes,

Lori Seipel



Health Insurance Options Available To Non-mexican CitizensIf you are a non-Mexican interested or concerned about the possibility of needing health care in or around the Todos Santos and Los Cabos area, I have written an article about my positive experience with the St. Jude’s Medical Center located in Todos Santos . You can read the complete article at I cannot say enough good things about my experience with and the medical staff at St. Jude’s Medical Center Not only did they save my husband’s life but  educated me on the options that non-citizens have for health insurance while visiting or residing here. He has graciously offered to host an educational evening for anyone who would like to know more about these options and I am hosting the event in order to spread the word to those in need. If you are interested please email me.
Pamela Akins

Thank you very much Saint Jude´s Medical CenterFor your outstanding customer service, now I know why your clinic enjoys such an outstanding reputation. Your doctors and administrative staff are truly professional and caring individuals. St. Jude's is a credit to our community.
Keith Sheldon

I want to give big kudos to St. Jude's Clinic in Todos Santos! I have been there twice now, as a hospital patient, and received excellent care. I have a rare illness and have always gone to a cardiologist /pulmonologist specialist at UCLA. My care at Saint Jude's far exceeds the care I received at UCLA. The doctors and administrators spent time to figure out my needs and called in specialists for consultations. I went from over 50 prescribed pills a day to less than 10 a day and feel better than I have felt in years. I had been hesitant about living in Mexico with my health situation, but now I can live here permanently without being overly concerned. Thanks, Barb Perch

Thank You Saint jude´s Medical Center Overcome with a raging case of salmonella, I had no time to lose and went to St Judes's in Todos Santos. Hector and his staff were wonderful - most speak English, very professional, very clean facilities. They treated me as if I were their only patient, monitoring my medication every 10-15 minutes and not allowing me to leave until they were sure I was okay. Considering the quality and expediency of care, I feel that fees charged were fair and reasonable. Check them out!
Name withheld by request


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Thank You, St. Jude's! - On Monday, August 4th (Alicia's Birthday), I rushed her to St. Jude's clinic with chest pain and a racing heartbeat, 250 beats/min. The professional crew went into action to identify her condition (coronary thrombosis or more commonly known as myocardial infarction), stabilize her, called a cardiologist in La Paz, Dr. Juan Manuel Olivares, with her EKG results and vitals, and he prescribed the proper meds to dissolve the clot and regulate her heartbeat. 

Alicia spent 3 days and 2 nights in their hospital room receiving excellent care and treatment, with Dr. Olivares arriving daily to evaluate her condition and discharged her Wednesday evening after an echocardiogram showed her heart functioning normally with no permanent damage. 

Thank you, St. Jude's, for your presence here in Todos Santos and for Alicia's best brithday present: Life. ☞ Don Mitchell,, Todos Santos